Information about Crewdioo

How it works

How to list on Crewdioo?

Listing on Crewdioo is free!

When submitting a listing on Crewdioo, you must create an account and submit a written description, accurately describing the item or service listed.
If you are uploading an item for sale or rent, the listing must include pictures and brief description of the product. The pictures must be of good quality and accurately describe the state and condition of the item or reference.

If you are listing yourself as a vendor or service provider, you must upload your resume and references alongside your user profile. 

Users are  free to set their own price. However, you will greatly improve your sale chances if you come close to the market price. 

In order to receive sales payment you need to fill in your bank details so you can receive payments. Crewidoo does not store your information - Read more about our privacy policy.

You can list how many items you want. However, it is not possible to list the same item more than once.

Your item is sold? Congratulations! Do not forget to close your listing after a transaction, or else it will still be visible and available to purchase. 


How much is the commission and who pays it?

Buying and selling on Crewdioo is totally free! 

When selling, there is a 15% fee on item or service prices (delivery charges not included) with a minimum of $5.00 CAD which enables us to maintain a safe and pleasant marketplace to serve every user.


Why is there a commission?

Maintaining a qualitative marketplace has a cost!

Here are all the reasons why a commission helps us provide you the best experience.

We spend a huge time sorting all listings. All listings are hand-checked by a Crewidoo team member. We also re-write titles and descriptions when needed to improve visibility and SEO. We take time to give advice on how to set prices, take photos and much more. We are at your service.

We go further to improve the visibility of your listings as they are regularly displayed on our social media, giving you increased visibility and advertising reach. All this ensures you will find relevant listings and proper buyers or recruiter to sell to.

Also, transactions are 100% secure - payments are held until you receive your order. This costs us around 3% of each transaction. 

Finally, attracting new members to your sartorial community needs constant investments in communication.

By enjoying our services on Crewdioo you contribute to keeping the marketplace alive for the creative community . Thank you for your help!


Payment process

Prices displayed on the website are without delivery fee until you place an order. The cost will then be: price set by Seller + 15% Crewdioo fee + delivery fee, if hand delivery is not chosen.

When a Buyer orders an item or booking, funds are not immediately processed. The Seller must accept or reject the order within 3 days. If seller rejects it or does not reply within those 3 days, the order is automatically cancelled, and the Buyer's funds are automatically refunded.

When the transaction is confirmed by the Seller, the payment is taken from the Buyer's account and securely held by our payment system Stripe for 14 days from confirmation of transaction by the Seller.

The Seller will not  recieve payment until the Buyer marks his order as completed in his account page, which has to be done only when the item or service is received and everything is OK. If something is wrong with the order, the Buyer can file a Dispute.

If the Buyer successfully completes the order within  14 days, then the payment is automatically processed by Stripe at the end of those 14 days:

In case of the Buyer validation of the order or the Buyer not doing anything within these 14 days, the Seller will receive his payment (price + delivery fee).

Receive payments

To receive payments and as a security measure, Sellers must first fill in their bank details in their account page and documents proving their identity. If the address given when you subscribed differs from the one on your ID, Stripe will require a document proving your address (an electricity invoice for example). As this process is automatically done by Stripe with an algorithm we advise to provide documents which are clear and easily readable.

We will not keep those details which will be transfered to Stripe which will perform the verification. This process enables Crewdioo to be as safe as possible for everyone.

Note that Buyers will not be able to purchase yours items until your information are verified by Stripe. Until then your payments will be held.

After a transaction the funds will be transferred to your bank account 7 days after the order is marked as completed by the buyer.


Rating and comment

After a transaction Sellers and Buyers can rate each other on Crewdioo with a 5-stars rating and a written comment.

Reviews are visible to everyone on each user's profile page. A seller's rating (percentage of positive ratings and number of ratings) is also shown on each listing page.

Being polite and respectful, items or services described accurately, taking care of the package and much more: this will bring you high ratings and flattering comments, building up your Crewdioo reputation. Bear in mind that trustworthy profiles have much higher sales chances!

Please note that ratings can only concern the associated transaction.


Rating comments will be briefly reviewed before published, inappropriate or offensive comments will not be tolerated. Please report to us if you find any inappropriate comments we may have missed.