Information about Crewdioo


What is Crewdioo?

Crewdioo, is the first custom made marketplace for the creative industry in Canada. In Crewdioo you can find preowned budget gear to buy, you can find crew member with different talent and you can find indoor or outdoor shooting location to fit your project.

Our company Crewdioo Creative Ltd. was incorporated on the year of 2021 to solve the problems of finding affordable equipment and cooperative partners in the creative industry through traditional approach. 

Specifically, the problems we are solving are:

  • Independent film makers’ or photographers’ need to own a studio and employ a full-time crew is expensive and no longer affordable. It is hard for them to find affordable equipment, appropriate studio space and talent crew members to hire as a freelance that meet specific requirements for a job assignment. 
  •  Talent crew members have difficulty finding job opportunities for their specialized skill or specialty. In addition, they do not have a designation marketplace to show their working profile to the specific market.
  •  Spaces or studio owners do not have enough marketing channels to target a specific group of clients to create more business opportunities. 

To address these problem Crewdioo Creative Ltd. is developing “Crewdioo” a specific marketplace platform that provides a comprehensive space for Independent film makers’ or photographers to find and hire crew members, equipment and studio space that meet their specific requirements.