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The ONE-STOP marketplace you can find preowned equipment, talent crew and studio or location to bring your visions to life in Canada.

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Why Buy or Sell on Crewdioo

Custom made marketplace

We are focus on film and photography community. When you list your gear for sale on Crewdioo, you will easily reach your potential buyers. Listing items is free, we don’t charge when an item is not sold. Our community may have the rare treasure for sale that the camera store can't find!

Safe payment

Secure payment system safely holds funds from buyers during the transaction and pays straight to seller bank account after the deal is complete. No more shady cash deals or on the spot discount to deal with.

Fraud protection

Our automated fraud detection systems will intercept and stop many fraudulent transactions before they occur. Our Buy & Sell 24 Hours Return Policy provides buyer with time to review their purchased items before the payment is transferred to the seller.

How Crewdioo works

Step 1. Search equipment, talent crew or location

Buy equipment within a budget, hire experienced and skilled local creatives or rent the best location for your project in one marketplace.

Step 2. Purchase or make booking on listing

Feel free to contact the host beforehand to make sure the date and time will work with their schedule.

Step 3. Complete deal or task and receive payment

Notify Crewdioo on our integrating system to release payment to seller bank account

Local talent booking

Profiles directory

Custom made filters will help to search for talent skills to exactly meet your needs.

Easy booking system

Talent can easily schedule their working schedule to fit their lifestyle. No charge when the booking is not confirmed. Messaging system makes it easy to communicate within Crewdioo

Fraud protection

To protect our community all users need to complete a verification request in order to use our services. Payment will pre charge and secure in our payment system, we do not release payment when the project is not completed

New listings on Crewdioo

The Best Locations Within Reach

Professional studio rentals for your budget

Finding local studios for rental is never easier. Simply select from the listings that fit your budget and have good reviews!

Perfect hotspots for your various projects

Discover both popular & hidden hotspots shared by our members. There's always a perfect location for your project!

Unique location rentals to maximize your creativity

Need somewhere special for your masterpiece? Check out unique location offers that help you create outside the box!

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Come check out what our community offers, with the collaboration opportunities, secret photo hotspots and more...

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